Book Club: Uzumaki

Book Club: Uzumaki




We've made it to the "caught up" finish line! It's nothing to be proud of, but it kind of is... 


Our Review

No Spoilers:

The best thing about our book club is that we get to read things that are almost unique - it's highly unlikely that we've read anything like them before. The immediate example that comes to mind is House of Leaves, maybe The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and now, Uzumaki. Uzumaki really takes the cake here.

Without revealing much, Uzumaki is a horror manga that follows the lives of female and male protagonists, Kirie and Shuichi in a fictional town that slowly becomes plagued with strange and clearly supernatural occurances. The book is three volumes (which can be purchased as one omnibus) which sort of reads like a series of (really) short stories that are connected by the same concept.

The mere fact that you have to read it from right to left is enough to know this isn't going to be like anything you've read before. If for nothing else, you need to read this book because of how strange it is; how it seems to trigger a strong sense of discomfort and disturbed eeriness out of things you've never even considered. In fact, I won't say anything else about the book because I need to keep your experience pure. 

And I know it's a little weird for us to urge someone to read something so that they can feel disturbed and uncomfortable, but it's such a unique and subtle damage to your soul, that you can't miss out on the opportunity to experience it. 

In fact, I have nothing else to say after that.



TL;DR Our Review

Bader: 3 Stars

Noor: 4 Stars

Reem: 4.5 Stars

Ali: 3.5  Stars

3.75/5 Stars






Unterzakhn by Leela Corman (2012)

- Historical & Biographical Fiction, Graphic Novel, Contemporary Women





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Book Club: Unterzakhn

Book Club: Unterzakhn

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