Bahrain's Cruelty-Free Beauty

We're all trying to be better human beings sometimes, no? It sounds like a huge step, but making conscious choices about your skincare and beauty routine is actually easier than it sounds. A disappointing amount of our favorite brands still require animal testing, but a great number of them have already moved forward!  Now, if we were in the U.S., everything’s a Google-search and free delivery away. It’s a little tougher here, and I’ve been doing my own research on figuring out which brands are cruelty-free or vegan, so we figured it would also be extremely useful to list our findings here - cruelty-free and vegan brands that are readily available in Bahrain. Other than the big brands that everyone already knows, it's been a fun surprise to find obscure brands all over the country who are also cruelty-free.

All brands listed are cruelty-free, whether the products are completely vegan is indicated in the notes.

TIP: Search for the specific category you're looking for on the page to make your life easier (I spelled make-up with a dash, for some reason, so search "make-up" and not "makeup". Love you.)

Categories available: make-up, hair, skincare, bath, brushes, fragrance, and false lashes.

List of possible animal ingredients can be found here

*Information on the cruelty-free status and vegan status of different beauty brands are referenced from the awesome Logical Harmony, Vegan Makeup, and My Cruelty Free Style

**Updated on April7, 2017