Fashion Revolution Bahrain

Part of my personal overhaul in becoming a more socially-conscious person, I’ve also taken a step towards ethical and sustainable fashion. I’m not much of a shopper, I’ll buy an insane amount of new clothes once or twice a year, but I always opt for the deals. Why buy a t-shirt for X amount if I can get it for 1/4 of the price at a wholesale fashion retailer, right? Not to mention all the Bahraini Instagram accounts that’ve been popping up, advertising more imported fashion for less moneyz. Well, I watched a documentary called The True Cost, and it was both eye-opening and heart-breaking. We teamed up with three other wonderful Bahrainis to start Fashion Revolution Bahrain. No amount of money saved is worth the damage that the fast-fashion industry is exacting on so many human beings. I’m also going to list my cruelty-free and fair trade fashion finds here - from websites that deliver internationally to Bahrain to Bahrain-based boutiques and retailers who don’t partake in fast-fashion:

List of Bahrain-based fashion retailers and boutiques:

More coming soon!

List of international retailers who deliver to Bahrain:

  • MDMA Shoes | Limited edition shoes made from recycled materials

More coming soon!