Vegan-Friendly Bahrain

You’ve undoubtedly noticed the rise of vegetarianism and veganism in Bahrain, you can see it in the growth of the vegan shelf at our major supermarkets. Online, it’s illustrated through the establishment of a Bahraini Facebook group for vegans and the vegan-curious, in addition to the growing popularity of local vegan chefs and bloggers. 

I've also become more aware of the local vegan community, and how difficult it must be to live veg-fully in our culture. We've joined forces with Nada (OneArabVegan, whose blog is amazing if you're looking for plant-based recipes or tips for making a plant-based lifestyle easier in Bahrain) to create a directory of restaurants, based on how vegan-friendly their menu is.   

We created a really long list of restaurants to review - we would study their vegetarian and vegan options, how easily veganizable their non-vegan dishes are, and whether or not the food actually tastes good! The Bahraini vegetarians and vegans will no longer have to stress about going out to eat with friends. They no longer have to feel uncomfortable at a restaurant because they know they’ll have to drill the waiters about hidden dairy products or animal fats in their food. You shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable when you’re not doing anything wrong or harming anyone around you, especially if you’re just putting in the effort to live a happier and more fulfilled life. I’m going off on a tangent, but we all just want to make the country more welcoming for all communities, and what better way to start than with Bahrain’s vegetarians and vegans? Shda3wa x OneArabVegan presents: Vegan-Friendly Bahrain! 

List of Reviewed Restaurants:

More coming soon