Subscription Box Review: ComicBoxer (July 2018)

Subscription Box Review: ComicBoxer (July 2018)

You KNOW you like it when mysterious packages show up at your door.

That orgasmic feeling of opening up a package that you forgot you ordered? Subscription boxes are even better, because it’s like someone sending you a surprise gift. That you paid for.

SO let’s play with a few subscription boxes.

Here’s how it’s going to work:
We’re going to try out two subscription boxes at a time, for three months each. I’m constantly compiling a list of boxes that ship directly to Bahrain (no freight-forwarding cheating), and will randomly pick out boxes from the list, so there's going to be a variety of things coming in for review.

Our first subscription box review:

ComicBoxer - July 2018 (Month 1)

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ComicBoxer is a monthly comic book subscription boxes, where you get a specially curated selection of 5-7 comic books, "from #1 issues, First Appearances, Variant Covers, and Exclusives."

Cost of box: 7.55 Bahraini Dinars

Cost of shipping: 5.28 Bahraini Dinars

Total Cost:  BHD 12.83

What's in the July 2018 Box:

  • Archie's Superteens vs Crusaders #1 - STADIUM COMICS EXCLUSIVE (Limited to 500 copies)

  • Captain America #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates & Lenil Yu (Cover by Alex Ross)

  • Immortal Hulk #1 by Al Ewing & Joe Bennet (Cover by Alex Ross)

  • Deadpool #1 by Scottie Young & Scott Hepburn

  • Justice League #1 by Scott Snyder & Jim Cheung (Jim Lee Variant)

Shipped: 9th July, 2018

Received at doorstep: 25th July, 2018 (16 days)

This is a really good start to our ComicBoxer experience! I was skeptical of their ability to gather up five genuinely special (and new) single-issue comics every month, but this is a great Month One for us. The Archie v Crusaders alone, we couldn’t even find it in the comic book database that we use, it’s a great variant, bitches love homages to classic comics. The fact that all issues are first issues is a huge plus, because it means you don’t need to put in any work to study the history of the comics before jumping right in.

All comic books are A-list series, some of which sell out almost instantly when they hit retail; a Jim Lee variant of Scott Snyder’s first issue of Justice League? Shoot me in the face. Two Alex Ross covers? Ta-Nehisi Coates’ move from Black Panther to Captain America? The lets-be-honest-they’re-trying-to-do-Swamp-Thing horror genre Hulk?

Regardless of market value, these five comics make me excited to read them, and not just shelve them as conversation-starter novelty items, and I think these would be great starters for anyone looking to get into comics but is too freaked out by the HUGE and labyrinthine comic book industry.


Photo by Ali Haji Photography.jpg
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